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Summertime and Hide & Seek

Saturday was a great day… a good preview of the coming summer. As such, I just simply couldn’t stay home and do nothing. So, I went and hung out with my cousin at the old port. It was fun, I got to hear the latest news from her family. We got to compare our knowledge on news from all the rest of the family to realize that, past a certain point, we lose touch of family news.

The other day, we realized that our backyard wasn’t as contained as we thought. Somehow, Cooper manages to push the city fence and makes his way (and get stuck) in the neighbour’s backyard. The first time around, it was easy enough, he was so scared that I simply had to push the fence a little that he was back on the right side.

Now, it’s not exactly the case. I had to go around and open the door. However, like a real newbie I forgot to bring the leash. As a result, Cooper bolted down the street and explored before finding a good hiding spot. So, I enrolled the help of Jase and we went up and down the street to find the track of Cooper (BTW – Chase, isn’t good at finding his little bro). In the end, Cooper decided to trade one neighbour backyard to another one. At one point, I managed to corner him off and bring him back home.

I guess I will really need to fix that spot in the fence so this doesn’t become a routine.

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