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New Car and Small Road Trip

The other week, my old car dealership called me with the big sale pitch, saying that they were doing two days of exclusive sales and that, for the occasion, they had some good offers. The actual reason really felt like pure bs, but still, I decided that it couldn’t hurt to go and see what they could offer.

The Trax that I had on a lease was barely over two years, so, I had my doubts when going in. I had two main guidelines when I went in; whatever happens, I wouldn’t pay more for the car and wouldn’t change just for change (there had to be something extra).

I knew that I wouldn’t take a newer Trax; despite the difference of two years, it’s basically the exact same car. We also realized that we actually don’t really need the mini-SUV; as much as it’s useful, and that we do have two dogs, it doesn’t happens that often that we have both dogs in the car with us, or that we need to haul┬álarge things.

We settled for the new cruze 2016. This time around, we’re buying it, and it doesn’t come much more expensive than what my car payment was. If you factor in the fact that I will be saving on fuel efficiency and on my insurance, it will come up to basically the same thing per month.

Last weekend, I took my new car for its first real test drive; it’s drive like a charm and I already love the built-in Apple CarPlay. I drove to Ottawa to get, one of my best friend, Jonathan for the weekend.

On our way back, after a quick brunch, since it was really nice outside, we made a stop at his parents’ in Rockland and relaxed in the hot tub. It really confirmed what I already knew for a while now, in 1-2 years, when we’ll move, our new house will have a hot tub.

During the weekend, we were able to catch up and get up-to-date on the show we swore to wait for each other before whatching : The 100. It got a little weird but still just as good.

Lastly, I think I got tricked Saturday; I somehow agreed that next time around we’d eat at the Sushi Palace.

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