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Hard Work Pays Off

It’s getting close to a year now since I’ve enrolled myself to a gym. If for the first few months it didn’t have as much effect as I was hoping, just going to the gym is not enough, you need to put enough effort into it, it’s now starting to show.

The other day at work, I saw someone I hadn’t seen for a while and she asked me if I had lost weight. On the iPhone, you have the Health app built-in, I’ve been recording my weight every couple of days; the data confirms it, since last November (I lost the data prior when I had to do a restore of my iPhone), the data points shows a continuous downward slope.

What changed? In the last few months, I’ve been going to the gym with the desire of surpassing myself (combined with being even more careful at what I’m eating). Even my trainer noticed the change of attitude. I’m still not at my end objective, but I’m getting there. I already feel generally better, and I’m now able to fit in pants I wasn’t fitting in a few months ago.

I might just feel good enough to be shirtless this summer without feeling too self-conscious.

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